Former Blackhawks Coach Denis Savard Tells The Story Of The Time He Blew Patrick Kane’s Shot With Taylor Swift


There’s been a lot of chit-chat about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, but imagine if you will, an alternative reality where Swift winds up with NHLer Patrick Kane.

That sounds odd, but it may have almost happened and NHL great and former Chicago Blackhawks coach Denis Savard kept it from happening.

C’mon, coach…

Savard told the story on Thursday night’s telecast of the basement-dweller battle between the Blackhawks and Anaheim Ducks.

Savard coached the Blackhawks from 2006-07 until early in the 2008-09 season. That means he was behind the bench when Kane broke into the league, and this was around the time his story took place.

Denis Savard Weaves A Yarn About Keeping Patrick Kane Away From Taylor Swift

Savard told NBC Sports Chicago that when he was tasked with coaching a young team, he didn’t have too many rules. One of the ones he did have involved the team bus.

“I said to the trainers, make sure all the players are on the bus. I want to be the last one on the bus and once, I get on the bus, that way we go,” he said.

The Blackhawks played a game in Nashville one night. While they won, the lone goal they gave up that broke up a shutout was because of a defensive lapse from Kane.

After the game as Savard was heading to the bus, he saw Kane — who he was already not too happy with — chatting it up with two girls.

I see Kaner talking to two young ladies,” Savard said. “I stop and I go, ‘Really?’ I said, ‘Let’s go now.’”

Kane begrudgingly obliged, but showed up at his coach’s hotel room the next morning.

“He goes ‘Savy.’ I said, ‘What’s up?’ He goes, ‘So you know, last night?’ He goes, ‘That was Taylor Swift.’ I go okay. I don’t care.’”

Denis Savard. One of us.

The Hockey Hall of Famer said that he had to call his wife and ask who Taylor Swift was and she told him that she was an up-and-coming singer.

So, if anything we should be thanking Denis Savard for keeping the now-Red Wing from Taylor Swift.

The last thing we need is her ruining hockey broadcasts too.

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