Simone Biles In Attendance For Chiefs-Packers Game, NBC Promotes Her To Stay Ahead Of The Woke Mob


Taylor Swift showed up at Lambeau Field for Sunday’s Chiefs-Packers game. Naturally, that’s worth highlighting, but the network wanted to make sure they put the spotlight on another celebrity who is also at the game.

Olympic gymnast Simone Biles also showed out for the Sunday Night Football matchup. Her husband, Jonathan Owens, plays safety for Green Bay. It appears Swift (who’s dating some guy named Travis) isn’t the only one who’s got an NFL love interest.

As such, the broadcast’s X page published a tweet highlighting both women.

NBC also briefly focused on Biles at another point in the broadcast.

This might seem fairly standard; if a celebrity shows up to your a game you’re covering, you take notice. But it’s more than likely an attempt to avoid outrage from the woke race-baiting mob.

Back in late October, Fox Sports captured a shot of Owens talking to her husband during a Packers-Vikings game. However, the broadcast didn’t dwell on her presence for too long, as nearly every NFL broadcast has with Swift. Far too many people were dumb enough to assumed Biles’ skin color explained the disparity in coverage.

However, as Joe Kinsey pointed out, several other more plausible factors explained why Swift gets more coverage than Biles. No offense to Biles, but she can’t compete with Swift’s name recognition.

Regardless, NBC likely knew that anything other than equal coverage of both women wouldn’t satisfy the mob. I’m not saying Biles doesn’t deserve the highlight, she definitely does. But based on past events, she’s probably getting recognized more out of fear for the illogical online wokes.

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