Steph, Klay, Draymond revel in symbolic night after Warriors’ win 

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The Warriors’ 120-114 win over the Los Angeles Clippers on Thursday night at Chase Center was a celebratory occasion for the legendary trio of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green.

The win came on 11-30-23, a date synchronized with the Big Three’s respective jersey numbers. It naturally led to a moment of reflection on the incredible accomplishments the trio have managed during their 12 years together in the Bay Area.

After the win, Curry, Thompson, and Green joined NBC Sports Bay Area Warriors broadcasters Bob Fitzgerald and Kelenna Azubuike to soak up the incredible run the three have been on together while highlighting why they have managed to be so successful as teammates over the years.

“We’re all three different, but we love the game of basketball, so we vibe on the competitiveness and the will to win over the years,” Curry told Fitzgerald and Azubuike. “Draymond said in our sit down a couple years ago, we never asked any of us to change who we are. We’ve obviously evolved and grown over the years. We all have a place; we complement each other so well. On the court, off the court, we’re all unique. So it meshed. We felt it from [the] jump. But like Draymond said, blessed to be 12 years in, all three of us together, that’s special. That’s history right there.”

Green emphatically expressed his gratitude to play alongside Curry and Thompson, reveling in the opportunity his basketball career has brought him.

“To play with the two greatest shooters to touch the game of basketball, for myself who likes to play make, I’m lucky and blessed to play with these guys,” Green said after the game. “All they need is a split-second, so as a screener and a passer, you just got to get those guys a split-second to get a shot off. And then two of the best people that you can be around. So I’ve been blessed and lucky in my life, and I’m excited and thankful to keep this thing going.”

After missing over two seasons recovering from a pair of serious leg injuries, Thompson spoke candidly about what it meant to him to have the opportunity to be back on the court after all the adversity he has faced.

“To be out here just moving around, I missed one game this season; I plan on playing as many as I can,” Thompson explained. “That’s what I focus on nowadays. I’m so grateful for Steph and Draymond holding it down while I was out for two and a half years. To be back with these guys, I do not take that for granted. To be playing in front of these fans, to even see [number] 11 jerseys in the crowd, it still gives me chills to this day. I just am very grateful to be out here feeling great and feeling healthy.”

Curry, Thompson, and Green dominated the league for over a decade while changing the game of basketball with their electric style of play.

Golden State’s big three boast four NBA titles together, but don’t let their sentimental moment of joy fool you. These three aren’t thinking about riding off into the sunset anytime soon, as they still have their eyes set on winning more championships while further cementing their legacy as the greatest trio in NBA history.

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