Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Back In Hot Water After ‘Daughter’ Sues For Defamation

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A young woman claiming to be Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’ daughter re-filed a lawsuit against Jones and his legal team, accusing the group of launching a ‘smear campaign’ against her after she sought recognition from Jones.

Defamation Suit Re-Filed Against Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones

An ESPN report in March 2022 highlighted 26-year-old Alexandra Davis‘ initial lawsuit against Jerry Jones. Davis pressured Jones to recognize her as his daughter — two decades after Jones allegedly agreed to a deal with Davis’ mother, Cynthia, to purchase her silence over their affair.

Alexandra Davis followed up her claims with a defamation suit filed in March 2023, accusing Jones and his associates’ responses of framing Davis as an “extortionist.” Davis’ filing was denied but the new lawsuit focuses on comments made from a previous report.

Daddy Issues: Jerry Jones’ Alleged Love Child Files Lawsuit Against Billionaire

Davis is re-filing the suit, focusing on an exchange that Jones and his two legal associates shared where they accused the young woman of seeking tens of millions in hush money.

“Dak” or “Zeke money,” an associate commented.

The new lawsuit filed by Davis’ team on Tuesday noted: “Throughout their smear campaign against Plaintiff, Defendants either knew the statements being made by them were false or they knew enough facts such that they should have entertained serious doubts as to the truth of their defamatory statements.”

The defamation lawsuit named Jones, alongside his lawyer, Donald Jack, and Jones’ communications consultant, Jim Wilkinson.

“Rather than acknowledging his child, or even taking the opportunity to get to know his child, my father and his associates have publicly smeared my reputation and intentions,” Davis said in her lawsuit from March.

“I have been falsely accused of a ‘shakedown’ and ‘extortion.’ In reality, I am a daughter who simply wants to acknowledge her father without fear of retribution. I will not stand by and let my father’s actions or words define me or my future.”

Jones met Cynthia Davis at an American Airlines ticket counter in Little Rock, Arkansas in the 1990s.

A DNA test taken by Cynthia’s longtime husband revealed Alexandra was not his daughter. Last year, Davis spoke out on Jones being her biological father, noting that the owner paid Cynthia Davis’ mother $375,000 and set up two trust funds to hide their relationship.

Alexandra claims the agreement happened while she was a toddler, and now the young woman expects official recognition from Jones. According to her testimony, it’s not for the purpose of money.


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