Content creator says NFL revoked his credential over Tyreek Hill video

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Photographer takes photo of Tyreek Hill

A person who was hired by the NFL to create content at Miami Dolphins games says he had his credential revoked by the league over a Tyreek Hill video.

Kevin Fitzgibbons bills himself as a content creator and posted a video to social media this week to share his side of what happened to him.

According to Fitzgibbons, he was hired by the NFL in 2022 to cover Dolphins home games. Fitzgibbons had a personal relationship with Hill, for whom he has created social media content.

Fast forward to Week 6, and Hill went viral for his celebration after scoring a touchdown against the Carolina Panthers. Hill had spotted Fitzgibbons behind the end zone after the TD, ran over to grab his friend’s phone, and used it to film a selfie while doing a backflip.

Video of Hill’s celebration went viral, and NFL UK even posted to its social media channel a video clip taken from Fitzgibbons’ phone.

After initially publicizing the celebration, the NFL had second thoughts.

Hill was penalized for his celebration but not fined. However, the consequences for Fitzgibbons were much greater.

Fitzgibbons said in his video that the NFL revoked his credential because he was jumping around after Hill’s touchdown celebration — which is a departure from protocol for those who are credentialed for games. Fitzgibbons’ video says that his credential was revoked indefinitely.

You can watch the full video of Fitzgibbons telling his story:

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