TikTok Female Who Licked Airplane Toilet Seat Claims To Have X-Rated Video Exposing Dillon Danis’ Small Member (VIDEO)

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Split image of Dillon Danis and Ava Louise

In today’s edition of Dillon Danis’ news, an infamous name threatens to reveal something that could destroy his personal life.

In an online video, Ava Louise, the woman who licked a toilet seat in the middle of COVID, claims to have a video of Danis revealing little Danis that could completely destroy his reputation.

Danis, an Mixed Martial Arts fighter, has made the news over the past few months with his incredibly personal feud with Social Media Star Turned WWE Wrestler Logan Paul and his fiancé during the lead up to their upcoming fight, but there appears to be no shortage of enemies for the fighter.

The video, whether real or not, is another line in the tumultuous summer for the fighter. Between the videos, twitter rants, and personal attacks, not just from him, but everyone within this feud as well as other instances, is becoming a distraction for an otherwise promising career as a fighter.

The 30-year-old is 2-0 as a fighter and a world class submission fighter who has shown legitimate skill in the ring. His bout with Logan Paul, which is getting exposure because of their polarizing promotion, should be good, but there has to be a line for him and everyone else involved.

Athletes, fighters, celebrities, we have to do better. There are way better strategies to promote and revenge moments like this and what they’ve done to each other need to stop.

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