The Miami Heat have frequently been linked with superstar Damian Lillard this offseason, but thus far no trade has materialized. The Portland Trail Blazers clearly want a haul for their franchise player, and as of right now, it doesn't seem as though the Miami Heat have the assets to land him unless they involve a third team.

Perhaps the best option for the Miami Heat is to pivot to another star-level target that could take them to the next level. They lost starting point guard Gabe Vincent, and they clearly have a need in that department. Guard James Harden wants a trade from the Philadelphia 76ers right now, and perhaps the Miami Heat could try and get him. Here is a potential trade framework that involves guard Tyler Herro. 


Trade Details

Miami Heat Receive: James Harden

Philadelphia 76ers Receive: Tyler Herro, Caleb Martin

This deal has potential upside for both teams and allows the two Eastern Conference contenders to make tweaks without sacrificing big parts of their cores. Here is why both teams should consider making this trade.


The Miami Heat Go All-In On Their Pursuit Of A Championship

One of the Miami Heat's biggest issues throughout the whole playoffs was their lack of consistent shot creation and offense outside of Jimmy Butler. It is clear that the team needs to address this issue this offseason if they are to remain contenders, and adding James Harden could potentially help them in that department.