We are starting to get into the dog days of the NHL offseason where the draft is in the rearview mirror, the biggest trades have been made and all of the top free agents have been signed.

But there are still always a few major moves lurking during this time period, and the rumor mill is still rolling along with some big names.

The biggest of which remains San Jose Sharks defenseman Erik Karlsson who would still like a trade to help improve his chances of winning a Stanley Cup.

Karlsson is the biggest name still available and is the focal point of this installment of the BS meter.


Penguins Are Erik Karlsson's Preferred Destination

The Penguins have been one of the most prominent teams featured in Karlsson rumors and reportedly almost acquired him on July 1 and it's been rumored they are his preferred destination at this point.

Karlsson has a lot of say in where he ends up going given his no-trade clause, but there are some pretty significant obstacles in making a deal work with the Penguins.

For starters, Karlsson counts $11 million against the salary cap for the next four years and the Penguins for this season are already $2 million over the cap. They would need to move a LOT of salary (Jeff Petry? Mikael Granlund?) and figure out a way to either get San Jose to retain some money on Karlsson, or bring in a third team to funnel him through. They might need to do the latter part even if they move salary and get San Jose to agree to some retention.

The Penguins also have an extremely thin farm system and the oldest roster in the league. That is not a great match for a Sharks team that is looking to rebuild and collect as many young assets as it can with its biggest and best trade chip.

Still, the Penguins remain persistent in their pursuit of Karlsson and have an aggressive general manager in Kyle Dubas that has a way of making deals come together in a tight salary cap environment. Even though Karlsson has said he does not have a specific destination in mind, it also probably helps their cause that he wants to go there.

Karlsson would be a great fit in Pittsburgh in a number of ways, giving them another elite defenseman to go along with Kris Letang while also helping to fix an inconsistent power play that held them back for much of the 2022-23 season. The Penguins also play a style of hockey that would play to Karlsson's strengths while he would have three other future Hall of Famers (Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin and Kris Letang) to help him get closer to a championship.

BS meter: Not BS. Both sides — Karlsson and the Penguins — would have ample reason to want this match to happen.