The Miami Heat are reportedly very close to finalizing a trade for superstar guard Damian Lillard, however, they are in need of one final key piece the Portland Trail Blazers are looking for.

With all of the top players in NBA free agency having agreed to contracts for next season, the biggest stories left this offseason have to do with the trade market. Toronto Raptors All-Star Pascal Siakam is one of the most sought-after players on the market. Philadelphia 76ers star James Harden very much wants out, and Damian Lillard has officially requested an exit from the Portland Trail Blazers as well.

While there seems to be a variety of potential suitors for Siakam and Harden, all indications are that Lillard only has one team on his wish list and could even sit out of training camp later this year if he isn’t sent there. And that organization Lillard hopes to play for is the Miami Heat.

However, recent reports have suggested that Portland hasn’t been thrilled with the return options the Heat have offered thus far, and even a third or fourth team may need to be added to a potential Damian Lillard trade.