Will Malik Willis be on Tennessee's roster this upcoming season? In a question and answer session on the Titans website, team reporter Jim Wyatt, when asked about Willis' future there, wrote that Willis' roster spot isn't guaranteed, even with the new rule allowing for a third quarterback to dress on game days. Of course, Wyatt provided more nuance as he expanded his answer and even predicted that Willis will make the team after not believing he would do so as recently as May. 

But in short, with Ryan Tannehill entrenched as the starter and Will Levis taken with the No. 33 overall pick in the 2023 draft, Willis is up against it entering Year 2. 

Here's what I wrote on Willis in my scouting gradebook, before the 2022 draft: 

"Smaller, thick high-end athlete with strong arm. Accuracy is good to all levels. Naturally puts the ball precisely where it needs to be. Pocket presence needs work but a lot of the times he takes hits in the pocket when he holds onto it too long because he feels he can make a play with his legs. Will take some bad sacks. When he's throwing from clean pocket or even on the run, the ball placement and especially the velocity are there. Can legitimately make any throw, from any platform and/or arm angle. Legitimate designed run game ability because of his athleticism and vision as a runner. Effortless acceleration too. Quick and deceptively flexible. Coverage reading needs work, but I admire his aggression as a passer. Big-time throws all over his film. Will make some bad decisions. His arm can bail him out often. Must take fewer hits at next level. Immense talent that's not as boom or bust as many think but has All-Pro upside."

Maybe that report will be woefully wrong in a few seasons, and I'll own the miss if it happens. And as a draft analyst, misses stink. But they come with the job title. There does come a point when a player's NFL performance is more predictive than a collegiate scouting report. 

That point is not after 61 professional attempts throwing to arguably the worst receiver group in football. That's where we are on Willis' NFL resume to date. 

Let's say the Titans do cut him at the end of training camp. Or trade him before that. I, for one, think he desperately needs a change of scenery. What are Willis' ideal landing spots?