Forward Jaylen Brown is one of the best wing players in the league, and his two-way play has earned him a spot on All-NBA second team this year. He is also eligible for a supermax contract this off-season.

A recent report from Adam Himmelsbach of The Boston Globe revealed that Jaylen Brown wants a player option on his next contract with the Boston Celtics this offseason. His co-star Jayson Tatum received a player option on his last extension, and Himmelsbach noted that Brown's camp wants one as well since Brown views himself as Tatum's equal.

"In 2020, Celtics superstar Jayson Tatum received a fifth-year player option in his five-year, $195 million max extension. That option will allow Tatum to decline the fifth year of his deal next summer and become eligible for a more lucrative five-year extension after that. Or, he could simply opt out and become a free agent one year earlier, if he pleases. Brown has made it clear over the years that he views himself as Tatum’s equal rather than his sidekick, and it would be understandable for his camp to push for the player option that Tatum received."