When I truly want to capture the pulse of the Penguins’ fan base, I conduct a Twitter poll. It doesn’t get more scientific than that, right?

At the time of this article being written, almost 12,000 of you had voted on a very simple question: Do you want Erik Karlsson in Pittsburgh?

Around 80 percent of you said yes.

This is relevant. How many times do 80 percent of us agree on anything?

Incidentally, I’m on board with the majority — so I’m writing this column for you 20 percenters, the non-believers. (The rest of you should keep reading, too.)

Let’s break this down. What are the Penguins goals, as an organization? In no particular order:

To win the Stanley Cup

To reach the postseason

Tell sell tickets

Along those lines, to be an entertaining product

All right, then. Let’s look at the big one, the Cup. You remember what it looks like, but it’s been six years since you’ve seen your favorite team skating around an ice rink with it.

Would Karlsson’s presence make the Penguins more likely to win the Cup?