More than two months remain before the Ducks open their training camp, and that’s a good length of time for them and John Gibson to sort out how to proceed in their relationship — or sever longstanding ties and find him a new NHL address.

The latter won’t be easy and, to be real, the former may not represent a joyous stroll down the path together. But when it comes to the franchise and its undisputed No. 1 goalie, the two should reach a conclusion about where they’re headed as a couple, so that some form of a harmonic existence is reached.


We’re in the second summer in which Gibson’s future in Anaheim is a percolating topic. The Ducks are still in their building process, coming off a season in which they had the worst record in the NHL, and Gibson could bring quality goaltending to a winning team. The situation bubbled on Monday, with a report from Frank Seravalli of Daily Faceoff that Gibson had asked for a trade and had declared that he wouldn’t again play for the Ducks. Gibson’s agent, Kurt Overhardt, strongly refuted the report, and Gibson told The Athletic that he had never said such thing to anyone in the Ducks organization.

“John Gibson is honored to be a member of the Anaheim Ducks and is a committed supporter of its fanbase, as well as the Ducks’ community,” Overhardt said as a part of a statement his released.

If Gibson is still a member of the team when it gathers in September, that statement needs to be an undisputed fact. The worst thing that can happen is for a franchise netminder to be sitting in discontent as a new season begins, especially on a team with a new head coach, Greg Cronin, trying to put his stamp on the rebuilding club. He certainly doesn’t need to start off with a huge distraction.