There aren’t many teams coming into 2023 with as much momentum as the Jacksonville Jaguars. They won six out of their last seven regular-season games to win the AFC South and then put together an incredible comeback victory against the Los Angeles Chargers during Super Wild Card Weekend. Jacksonville trailed 27-0 before winning the game 31-30.

Their season ended the next week against the eventual champion Kansas City Chiefs, but the Jaguars showed they are a team not to take lightly. They are loaded with young talent on both sides of the ball and have turned a corner with head coach Doug Pederson leading the way.

The natural progression of the young players on the team should help the Jaguars improve this season. But, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to bring in some more seasoned veterans to help push things along.

That is exactly what Brad Spielberger of PFF believes they should do before training camp. The one move Spielberger has pegged the Jaguars to do is to add veteran pass rusher Justin Houston to their defense.