When Portland star Damian Lillard was seen smiling and laughing to the sounds of Will Smith’s famous song, “Miami” on Instagram Live on Friday in a 45-second clip of captured video that went viral, it was only natural to wonder if he was sending some sort of message to the Trail Blazers about his possible desire to be traded to the Miami Heat.

But his agent, Aaron Goodwin, chose to clarify and contextualize the scene with The Athletic on Friday night. As Goodwin shared, Lillard is currently on a “working vacation” in Paris and was at a club when the DJ, presumably, chose to make light of his uncertain and well-chronicled situation.

“The music was just a coincidence,” Goodwin told The Athletic. “Damian’s not disrespectful. He’s not an instigator, so he’s not going to do anything out of character. There would be no reason for him to do that. That’s why he laughed (in the video). It’s a funny coincidence that a DJ would put that on.”