When it comes to the forward market in 2023 NBA free agency, Kyle Kuzma could be one of the top players available with interested teams getting a player just entering the prime of his career.

Since entering the league in 2017, Kyle Kuzma has been a productive player at his position. However, the first-round pick for the Los Angeles Lakers could never seemingly take that next step forward to become a top-two player on his team.

However, that changed this past season, just in time for a jump into free agency. In 2022-2023 for the Washington Wizards, Kyle Kuzma averaged career highs in minutes (35.0), points (21.2), assists (3.7), and his second-best rebound numbers (7.2). He did all this while playing with a couple of high-level scorers in Bradley Beal and Kristaps Porzingis.

This past season showed he can elevate his game to an All-Star level and do so while not being the focal point of an offense. It makes him appealing to contenders looking for one more piece to a championship puzzle or for rebuilding squads hoping to find this off-season’s Jalen Brunson — a player with serious potential who can break through to an elite level.

With all of that in mind, let’s take a look at four teams likely to make a serious pursuit of Kyle Kuzma in NBA free agency 2023.


Houston Rockets

The Houston Rockets are expected to be major players in free agency this summer since they have some of the most cap space available. While they are expected to prioritize a reunion with James Harden, they have the type of space where they could go after a second-tier free agent as well. Which is why Kyle Kuzma could be an option.