After another mediocre season, the Winnipeg Jets find themselves in a position where major changes could be coming to their roster.

It's clear that something needs to change for a franchise that seems to be slipping further and further away from being a championship contender.

Franchise goalie Connor Hellebuyck has already made it known he does not want to be part of a rebuild.

Mark Scheifele could find himself on the trade block.

And center Pierre-Luc Dubois is headed to restricted free agency and seems to have no interest in signing a long-term deal with the Jets.

While Hellebuyck and Scheifele deals are far from a given, a Dubois trade only seems to be a matter of when and where as opposed to if. So let's take a look at five teams that could (or should) be potential landing spots for him and what it make take to get him.

Dubois is not a superstar by any means, but he is a legitimate No. 1 center that can give a team 25 goals and 60 points. He can also drive possession and play a big two-way game. He is also right in the prime years of his career, just now preparing to enter his age-25 season which tends to be when players hit their top offensive production. He would make any team better.


Montréal Canadiens

Montréal has been speculated as the most logical and likely landing spot for Dubois more than a year now.

It seems to be his preferred destination, and the Canadiens have a need for a player like him.

Adding Dubois to a roster that already has Nick Suzuki at center could give Montréal a very strong 1-2 punch to work with down the middle, with both of them entering their prime years. Neither one of them is going to put up elite numbers or challenge for a scoring title, but if you have two players down the middle that can consistently give you 25 goals, 60 points, and positively drive play forward, you can absolutely win with that.

Montréal also has some promising young talent starting to come up through the ranks.

Suzuki and Cole Caufield are both signed long-term, while recent first-round picks Juraj Slafkovský (the 2022 No. 1 overall pick) and Filip Mesar are on the way. Montreal also owns the No. 5 overall pick in a very top-heavy 2023 class as well as the No. 31 overall pick (via the Florida Panthers).

So what would a potential deal look like here?

There was a report that Winnipeg had asked for Suzuki in trade talks earlier this year, an offer that Montreal naturally laughed off. But Kirby Dach could be a good middle ground as a starting point.

The Canadiens sending Dach and the No. 31 overall pick to Winnipeg for Dubois seems like something that could work.

Winnipeg gets a young player that still has some upside and another first-round pick to work with.

The Canadiens get another top-line center to hopefully build around. The only issue Montréal will have here is finding the salary-cap space to pay Dubois what he wants. Montréal, despite its poor record and lackluster roster, is already pushed to the upper limits of the cap and would need to shed salary to add Dubois. But that can be done in a lot of ways.