Saquon Barkley could miss training camp amid his desire for a new contract with the New York Giants, according to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler.

Barkley is under the franchise tag but has yet to sign that tender. He wants a long-term deal that is fair to him and the team and doesn’t want any sort of recording-breaking deal. Fowler provided the latest on where Barkley and the Giants stand as the calendar gets into the summer weeds.

“Well, it’s a real threat,” Fowler said on SportsCenter. “You see it all the time with players on the franchise tag when they don’t get a long-term deal done. They haven’t signed that tender. That’s their leverage. They can wait this out. Safety Jessie Bates with Cincinnati last year didn’t sign until around August 23, well into training camp. Saquon Barkley, you’ve heard his comments at his recent football camp. He doesn’t seem overly happy with where things fit. He wants what he just considers a fair contract from what I’m told, he’s not looking for record-breaking money. He wants good structure and good guarantees.”