The traditional path to success for college football defenses is to consistently generate havoc, but a lockdown coverage unit can provide a similar impact.

After all, if an opposing quarterback has nowhere to throw, pressure will find him eventually.

Georgia, the two-time reigning national champion, has exemplified that prowess in recent years. Unsurprisingly, its secondary is built for another excellent season—as are Michigan and TCU, two programs that joined the Bulldogs in the College Football Playoff last year.

These choices are subjective but based on returning production, incoming transfers and overall depth.


AAC: Tulane Green Wave

Let's begin with a dart throw.

Overall, the conference seems awfully thin in the secondary. Further complicating the discussion is several of the more promising individual talents play on some pretty suspect defenses.

Tulane has to replace four key players, so this transition won't be painless. But it helps to have two standout additions.

Northwestern transfer AJ Hampton should join Jarius Monroe and Lance Robinson as starting corners, while former Louisiana standout Kam Pedescleaux is likely to form a duo at safety with DJ Douglas.

Monroe, Robinson and Douglas combined for 104 tackles last year.

Aided by a superb defensive line, this new-look coverage group has intriguing upside for Tulane.