The NFL rumor mill was set ablaze at the end of last week when the Arizona Cardinals opted to release former All-Pro wide receiver, DeAndre Hopkins. He had been on the trade block since the start of the offseason, but a deal never materialized.

There were likely a few reasons that occurred. While DeAndre Hopkins remains productive, he has struggled to stay on the field the last two seasons. He missed seven games in 2021 and eight in 2022. How expensive his current contract is, and the desire to sign a new deal, limited the market for him as well.

Now, DeAndre Hopkins will be free to choose his next team after being released. He has been very open about which teams he wants to play for, recently revealing the quarterbacks he would love to be teammates with. Lamar Jackson, Jalen Hurts, Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert are who DeAndre Hopkins would like to team up with, which is likely similar to the list of every wide receiver in the NFL.