Brendan Shanahan and the Toronto Maple Leafs announced on Friday that the team was parting ways with Kyle Dubas, whose contract was expiring as of Jun. 30.

Shanahan spoke to the media shortly after to discuss the decision, and made it clear that making it to the second round of the playoffs for the first time since 2004 didn’t make anyone in the front office feel better about another postseason disappointment.

Based on multiple sources, it looks as if Dubas sent an email to Shanahan on Thursday night, indicating he wanted to stay on as GM. At the same time, Dubas’ agent requested a pay bump in a new contract, which reportedly led to Shanahan firing Dubas.

Certainly a bold move to ask for a pay bump on Dubas’ end when you’ve failed to deliver; in this case, a Stanley Cup that Toronto has been yearning for since 1967.