With the end of Andrea Agnelli’s tenure at Juventus, the Italian club formed a new board of directors on Wednesday. Agnelli, the former chairman, resigned with the board at the end of November. He took charge of the club in 2010 after some difficult years, especially in 2006, when Juventus were at the center of the Calciopoli’s scandal that relegated them to the second division. Later under Agnelli, Juventus managed to win nine Serie A titles in a row, from 2011 to 2020. 

Following a shareholders meeting on Wednesday, Juventus held a board meeting, appointing Gianluca Ferrero as chairman and Maurizio Scanavino as CEO. Scanavino was interim general director following the board’s resignation last year. Fioranna Vittoria Negri, Scanavino, Gianluca Ferrero, Diego Pistone and Laura Cappiello join the board. Negri and Cappiello are independent directors.