After taking a year off from coaching, Sean Payton is looking to get back to the NFL sideline this year, and based on the past few days, it’s pretty clear that he’s the most sought after candidate on the coaching market right now. 

The Broncos, Cardinals and Texans are all planning to interview Payton for their open coaching job. The most intriguing team on that list might be the Broncos and that’s because they could become instant playoff contenders in 2023 if Payton can figure out how to fix Russell Wilson. 

Although Payton hasn’t tipped his hand on whether he would be interested in coaching the Broncos, he did recently answer a question about what he would do to fix Wilson. Back in October, Payton made an appearance on the “The Colin Cowherd Show,” and it’s worth looking back on it now since Wilson was one of the main topics. During the show, Payton was asked how long it might take to get Wilson back to his old form and how he would fix things if he were coaching the Broncos QB. 

“You correct flaws immediately, and then we don’t worry about how long the process is going to take,” Payton said. “In other words, I’d want a cut-up today of all of Russell’s pass plays of 30 or more yards from the field and I’d want to see, ‘Are there some schemes that he felt very comfortable with?'”

Payton also said he’d take a close look at what made Wilson successful in Seattle. 

“I know that they did a great job in Seattle of bringing him off of a naked-boot and then pulling up,” Payton said. “And then we all saw that throw back to Tyler Lockett across the field where the ball traveled 60 yards in the air.”