At a time of year when many people will be resolving to get a new body by working out more, NBA clubs are contemplating changing some bodies around in hopes of making their seasons work out.

Thus far, however, things have been strikingly slow/non-existent on the trade front. The December 15 green flag that signals when players signed over the summer can be traded yielded no action.

“I don’t know if it’s just so many teams don’t know where they are, because there’s definitely been teams playing at less than full capacity and trying to figure out what kind of team they are,” one NBA president of basketball operations told Heavy Sports. “It feels like there’s that still going on.

“There may be less December 15th trades this year and more January and February trades once teams decide whether they want to be buyers or sellers. I mean, do you know what Brooklyn and Philadelphia are? I don’t. And I don’t think they know either.”

That has not stopped the talking, though. The Lakers, for example, are bound to remain a hot topic as long as they’re trying to maximize LeBron James’ presence, though the latest Anthony Davis injury adds another cloud to the situation.

“They desperately need a shooter,” said one executive. “The question is, can another big-time player put them in the mix, because they’re not going anywhere with the way they are currently constructed. So they have to ask, do you want to borrow against the future to see if you can maximize the present? And then you deal with the future when it comes up. But if Davis isn’t going to be able to play or he’s playing but not himself, then none of this will really matter anyway.”