The 2022 NBA offseason is, for all intents and purposes, finished.

A few players are still trapped in the thorns of restricted free agency, and a batch of ballers are on standby for training camp invites, but the roster-restructuring is essentially complete.

Until now.

Front offices may have spent weeks, months and years tailoring their rosters to their preferred specifications, but we're here to stir things up for all 30 franchises.

The ultimate aim is finding a workable trade that improves every starting lineup. For most teams, that means adding a player (or players) who can improve the outlook for the 2022-23 campaign. Since a handful of teams already appear ready to tank for the best and brightest of the 2023 draft class, their trades might look further into the future.

While free agents who signed this offseason won't be eligible to traded until mid-December at the earliest, we'll include them in this exercise to deepen the trade pool.


Atlanta Hawks

The Trade: De'Andre Hunter, Jalen Johnson, Maurice Harkless and 2024 first-round pick (lottery-protected, via SAC) to Raptors for OG Anunoby

While Atlanta unloaded several prime assets in the Dejounte Murray deal, it stopped short of pushing all chips to the center of the table. That means there's still enough to broker a smaller, but still significant swap.

Anunoby could be the difference-making, two-way wing this roster needs to reach the next level.

He is essentially what the Hawks hope Hunter may eventually become, only Anunoby can contribute to a deep playoff run right now. Atlanta could pester perimeter scorers of all types with Murray and Anunoby, while the latter could see his already solid shooting rates climb even higher while playing off a dynamic shot-creator like Trae Young.


Boston Celtics

The Trade: Jaylen Brown, Derrick White, Grant Williams and two future first-round picks to Nets for Kevin Durant and Seth Curry

Ever since Boston was first linked to Durant, apprehensive Celtics fans have surely found ways to talk themselves out of the exchange. That's sort of understandable given how close this club already came to a title—plus the roster improved with the additions of Malcolm Brogdon and Danilo Gallinari—but it's also borderline nonsensical seeing as how this is Kevin freakin' Durant.

And it's not like the Celtics are simply one of many anonymous suitors here. Boston is "a desired landing spot" for Durant, per SNY's Ian Begley, plus it might have the ultimate trade chip in these talks with Brown, a 25-year-old All-Star swingman.

The Celtics have the assets to get a deal done, and if they could find a package that doesn't include sacrificing Marcus Smart, they almost certainly have to pounce. A Durant-Jayson Tatum tandem has a chance to be the Association's best, while Curry would provide scoring and sharpshooting to a backcourt that failed to consistently deliver it in the postseason's biggest moments.