Rams GM Les Snead doesn’t think Aaron Donald will retire: ‘I’m not buying it’

The Rams Wire

As much as Rams fans are going to enjoy their team’s win in Super Bowl LVI, the possibility of Aaron Donald retiring looms large in the background. After Rodney Harrison said on the Super Bowl pregame show that Donald told him he might retire if the Rams win, the three-time Defensive Player of the Year dodged questions about it during interviews following the win.

He said multiple times that he’s “just in the moment” and plans to take time to enjoy this with his family and teammates, opting not to commit to returning in 2022. Being just 30 years old, it’d be shocking to see Donald walk away so early in his career, but he wouldn’t be the first player to leave on his terms.

Rams GM Les Snead, for one, isn’t buying it. He doesn’t think Donald will actually retire after sleeping on it and seeing how he feels.

“He’ll sleep on it and see, but I’m not buying it,” Snead said, via NFL.com. “He’s a young kid. He’ll get bored and need something to do.”

Snead’s probably not wrong about Donald getting bored and needing something to do. This is a player who was back in the gym two days after the Rams lost Super Bowl LIII to the Patriots, already preparing for the following season.

He rarely takes days off from training and working out during the offseason, showing complete dedication to his craft and getting better each and every year. He’s the very definition of a workaholic, which is why he’ll go down as one of the best to ever play in the NFL.

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