The Brooklyn Nets were supposed to be one of the best teams in the NBA. Many people picked them to win the 2022 NBA Finals and with Kevin Durant sidelined, Kyrie Irving as a part-time player, and James Harden in trade rumors, things appear to be unravelling.

Kevin Durant was an early MVP candidate, James Harden was slowly returning to form, and the rest of their squad was playing super well, too. Again, things have been unravelling as of late.

As good as they were, the Nets were always going to have to fight if they want to even reach the Finals. The Eastern Conference is super competitive this year, and there are a bunch of teams who could give the Nets a run for their money.

Teams such as the Milwaukee Bucks, Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat, and Philadelphia 76ers all look primed to make a playoff run. One common factor between all of those teams? A good big man. That’s something the Nets do not have… Yet.

However, there are some quality big men that could hit the trade market by the NBA trade deadline.

One of those guys is Christian Wood of the Houston Rockets. What’s the best package the Brooklyn Nets could put together for Wood?

Brooklyn Nets Receive: C Christian Wood

Houston Rockets Receive: G Cameron Thomas, F Day’ron Sharpe, F Bruce Brown, F James Johnson, G Jevon Carter, 2028 Second-Round Pick