Arch Manning. If you’re a college football coach in need of a quarterback in the next few years, you may be on the recruiting trail, right? So it’s no surprise to see Alabama‘s Nick Saban doing just that, out there scouting and recruiting high school quarterback prospects, with the idea that they could someday play for the Crimson Tide. What if there was a possible generational talent like Arch Manning who has yet to commit?

Well, you’d likely do what it takes to try and land the No. 1 recruit from the class of 2023, even if that means going to watch him play basketball instead.

No, Saban isn’t picking up duties for the Crimson Tide basketball program, he’s simply working a new angle, taking any chance he receives to show the Mannings he’s interested in their latest prodigy. To be clear, programs are not allowed to speak to Arch, since he is still a junior in high school, but that doesn’t prevent them from showing their interest in other ways.


Cooper and Arch Manning – the story

We’ve gotten this far without mentioning Manning’s pedigree, as if you don’t already know. Arch Manning is the son of Cooper Manning, who was the third brother of the legendary Manning quarterback club. Although, Cooper was more athletic and was always destined to be a wide receiver instead of a QB like the rest of the male athletes in his family.