Last week we covered the suggestion by one writer/fan that the Calgary Flames and New York Rangers might make for good trade partners with Johnny Gaudreau being the central piece in a deal between the two teams. This week, another writer has thrown out a question that has to do with the Boston Bruins and Edmonton Oilers. Focused on Leon Draisaitl, he wonders if the Bruins could nab the 100-point center?

Matt Bernier of NBCSports asks, “Do the Bruins have enough to tempt Edmonton for Draisaitl? Swayman, DeBrusk, Vaakanainen + picks? Does that even move the needle for EDM?” As it did when Kent Wilson suggested a Gaudreau trade to the Rangers, a number of fans came out in droves suggesting Bernier put down the bong and understand the Oilers would immediately hang up the phone if offered this. Sure, Edmonton needs a goaltender, and, yes, Jake DeBrusk is an Edmonton-grown product, but Draisaitl has multiple 100-point seasons and he’s arguably the second-best player in the NHL, even if Vaakanainen and picks could include a number of scenarios.

One commenter suggested any trade would start with Charlie Mcavoy, Tuukka Rask, and multiple 1sts, plus Brad Marchand. Of course, that trade is way too far out there the other way and would be Boston overpaying. As with any trade hypothetical, there’s a lot of back and forth with fans of both teams overvaluing or undervaluing what’s coming and going.