Antonio Brown was seen running off the field against the New York Jets while the Tampa Bay Buccaneers played them on Sunday. Not only did he run off the field, but he also took off all of his gear, his shirts, and started throwing them into the stands while he ran into the locker room.

Usually, when somebody does something like this, it would be the worst thing that they have done in their career. As crazy as it sounds, this isn’t even really a top-five moment of Antonio Brown’s long history of issues.

He shouldn’t have been on an NFL roster for the past few years but of course, many greedy owners only care about what you do on the football field and that has allowed him to get many second opportunities.

Let’s take a look at three reasons why Antonio Brown should never see the NFL again.

Antonio Brown NFL

3. Fake vaccination card

When there are rules in place, you have to follow them. It’s essentially as simple as that. Whether Antonio Brown agreed with the vaccination or not, there is no reason to fake it because he wouldn’t have even gotten in trouble with the NFL if he just didn’t get the vaccine. The issue is that he lied about it and then was suspended for three games because he had a fake vaccination card.