Even more than usual, forecasting has become a fool’s business.

Who can predict the outcome of events these days, when the events themselves are so often delayed, postponed or cancelled outright?

Nevertheless, into the breach we go with three bold predictions for the Ottawa Senators in 2022 — assuming the entire year doesn't just get put over to 2023.

Matt Murray rebounds

I know, this sounds like a prediction made out on the thinnest limb of a questionable tree, with the sound of the branch giving way. But if you think about it, everything is in place for Ottawa’s erstwhile starting goaltender to get back to doing what he was hired to do.

Murray has been everything but reliable this season. He’s been slow off the mark, sick, injured, then sicker (with COVID-19), then waived to the minors.

But as we write this, Senators goalie prospect Filip Gustavsson, who had been backing up Anton Forsberg, is on the COVID-19 protocol list and likely won’t be available when Ottawa returns to the ice.