NFL Betting Predictions for 2021 Wild Card Round

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It’s not too early to think Wild Card Weekend. With 3 games remaining, we’ve got a good idea of which teams will win their divisions and host wild card games. Just as a reminder, only the top seed in each division secures a bye. So expect Super Bowl contenders like the Patriots and Buccaneers to play during NFL Wild Card Weekend. Keep reading for our projections so you can plan your bets against the NFL Playoffs odds.

NFL Projected Wild Card Matchups

2022 NFL Wild Card Weekend

  • When: Saturday, Jan. 15 – Monday, Jan. 17

AFC Projections

  • 2-Kansas City Chiefs vs 7-Tennessee Titans

Because the Chiefs must play without Tyreek Hill and possibly Travis Kelce in Week 16, the Pittsburgh Steelers could provide the upset victory. Even if KC beats Pittsburgh, the Chiefs are at the Bengals and Broncos in their final two games. No worries, though, because the Chiefs dominate the 7-seed Titans. 

AFC Wild Card Projection Pick: Kansas City Chiefs  

  • 3-Indianapolis Colts vs 6-Buffalo Bills 

The projection here is that the Colts overtake the Titans and win the AFC South. Indianapolis is likely to face the 6-seed Buffalo Bills after the Bills lose the AFC East to the Patriots. In a game between the Colts and Bills, Indy rules. 

AFC Wild Card Projection Pick: Indianapolis Colts 

  • 4-Cincinnati Bengals vs 5-Los Angeles Chargers 

Heading into NFL Week 16, the Bengals are in first place in the AFC North. Cincinnati should win the division, which means they’ll host the Chargers. The Bengals made mistake after mistake during the regular season loss to LAC. Will the Bengals turn around their fortunes in the playoffs? Yes. Yes, they will. 

AFC Wild Card Projection Pick: Cincinnati Bengals  

NFC Projections

  • 2-Dallas Cowboys vs 7-New Orleans Saints

Dallas absolutely blasted the New Orleans Saints in their Thanksgiving Day victory. But the Saints are a much better team now than they were then. New Orleans should win out and secure the final playoff seed. If Taysom Hill plays well, there’s a chance the Saints upsets the Cowboys because the defense is stellar. 

NFC Wild Card Projection Pick: New Orleans Saints  

  • 3-Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs 6-Arizona Cardinals 

The Buccaneers placed Tom Brady’s favorite target, Chris Godwin, and starting running back Leonard Fournette on IR. Based on that, the Bucs should lose to the Cardinals, right? Nope. Arizona will sneak into the playoffs after losing their final five games. So Buccaneers win. 

NFC Wild Card Projection Pick: Tampa Bay Buccaneers  

  • 4-Los Angeles Rams vs 5-San Francisco 49ers 

The preview of this matchup happens on January 9 when the 49ers travel to SoFi Stadium to take on the Rams. Right now, the Rams are tied for first place in the NFC West. Zona should lose to the Colts on Saturday, which means the Rams will be in a good position to win the division. Even if they do and even if LAR wins the Week 18 game versus the 49ers, San Francisco knocks the Rams out of the playoffs. 

NFC Wild Card Projection Pick: San Francisco 49ers


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