Here are the 15 scenarios where the Patriots clinch the playoffs in Week 15

Patriots Wire

The New England Patriots can clinch a playoff berth in their Week 15 matchup against the Indianapolis Colts. In fact, there are 15 possible scenarios that end with the Patriots booking their ticket to the postseason.

They all start with a Patriots’ win over the Colts and a Miami Dolphins loss or tie to the New York Jets. And then there’s a dizzying assortment of potential outcomes — that are not within the Patriots’ control — that could ensure Mac Jones will get the first postseason appearance of his NFL career.

Here’s a look at how it might go down — if it happens this week. (And if it doesn’t happen this week, it will bring even more buzz to the Patriots’ matchup against the Buffalo Bills in Week 16.)

We’ll keep an eye on all these scenarios on Sunday.