Despite Ravens game and bye week, Nick Chubb still Top 5 in rushing yards in 2021

Browns Wire

Kevin Stefanski’s Cleveland Browns offense is set up to go through the run game to set up the play-action pass. That is the design, that is the plan and that is why Nick Chubb is a vital part of the team. Some may say he is the most important part of the offense.

The last part can be argued as a quality rushing attack needs a decent to good offensive line and the best offenses in the NFL are still quarterback driven.

In Cleveland, with Stefanski’s style of offense, Chubb (along with Kareem Hunt) are still vital parts to the offense. Coming off their bye week, the Browns hope to find an answer to the Baltimore Ravens defense that shut down that rushing attack in Week 12.

For Chubb’s part, despite missing a few games, getting shut down by Baltimore and having a bye in Week 13, he still remains in the top five of the NFL’s rushing leaders. As seen in the above graphic, with 867 yards, the Browns top back trails Jonathan Taylor, Joe Mixon and Derrick Henry.

Chubb should pass Henry, who is still expected to miss the rest of the season, soon. He only trails Mixon by just over 100 yards despite the fact that the Cincinnati back has played in three more games.

Taylor has set himself apart this season in both yardage and touchdowns (16 rushing). He is averaging over 100 yards a game with a stellar 5.6 yards per carry average. Only Chubb (5.8) has a higher yard per carry average of backs with more than 100 carries on the season.

For Cleveland to meet their post-season goals, Chubb will continue to need to carry the load from the running back spot. No one is likely to catch Taylor but could Chubb beat out Mixon for the second spot despite missing a number of games?

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