It is clear that the New York Knicks season has not gone as planned for coaches, players, and fans. Boo’s erupted on Saturday as the Knicks suffered another home loss to the Denver Nuggets, who are missing most of their players, 113-99.

There are areas that the Knicks can improve at and that’s all going to start with making a big splash at the Trade Deadline. The Knicks’ biggest concern should be going out and getting somebody who could score 25 to 30 points a night. Julius Randle is a great player, but not somebody who you can rely on to give you up to 30 points every night. That doesn’t mean that he can’t be the second option for this Knicks team, and that’s exactly what they need him to be. They have found some success this season from other guys like Alec Burks, Immanuel Quickley, and Obi Toppin. These are all great guys who can help a team win a championship, but they cannot be guys that can be relied on for every single night.

They had an interesting offseason including bringing in some guys who they might have overpaid for. Evan Fournier is another good player who can gel with most teams in the NBA due to him being a high-level three-point shooter. The issue with Fournier is that he might not have been worth the $80 million that the Knicks gave him. Kemba Walker was also brought in this offseason and it is clear that he is not the man for the job as coach Tom Thibodeau has already sat him and said that he will not be finding minutes in the rotations.

The Knicks desperately need a guy who can be the first scoring option on a championship team and help bring a championship to the Garden. Let’s take a look at three players the Knicks should be going after at the trade deadline.


3. De’Aaron Fox

This would make plenty of sense for the Knicks. Fox is probably the most underrated player in the NBA because he plays for the Sacramento Kings. All this guy does is score and he has little to no help next to him. He’s also only 23 years old and he could be the franchise player for the next five-10 years. On the season he’s averaging 20.3 points per game while shooting 44% from the field.

He’s not exactly the guy who the Knicks would want to be their first option, but with the guys that they have around him, they could be a very tough team to beat in the Eastern Conference playoffs.