Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher has refuted rumors in the pastconnecting him to the vacancy at LSU. However, those rumors aren't going away — not as long as Scott Woodward, the man who hired Fisher in College Station, is the athletic director for the Tigers. But with the coaching silly season already underway, and with questions continuing to arise, Fisher issued an emphatic denial to those ongoing rumors during his weekly Monday press conference.

"I want to be at A&M," he said. "I plan on being at A&M. I ain't going nowhere. I don't want to be nowhere else. I love being right here."

It's standard operating procedure for coaches to deny interest in other jobs during the season, but it's less common for them to dive into the reasons why. Fisher, however, injected some logic into the discussion by pointing out how silly it would be to go to another school within his own division.