Notre Dame is generally recognized for being an iconic college football program that struggles to thrive on the biggest of stages in recent years, and a recent Twitter survey reflects a national consensus that the Fighting Irish are overrated.

A Twitter poll using data from found that 23 states arrived at the conclusion that Notre Dame was college football’s most overrated team, as can be gleaned from the map below:

Here’s the full breakdown of how many states hold particular college football teams in low esteem. Over 230,000 tweets were compiled to come up with these stats, so it was not at all a small sample size:

  • Notre Dame: 23 states
  • North Carolina: 12 states
  • Wisconsin: 4 states
  • Clemson: 2 states
  • Oklahoma: 2 states
  • Virginia Tech: 1 state
  • LSU: 1 state
  • Oregon: 1 state
  • Texas: 1 state
  • UCLA: 1 state
  • USC: 1 state
  • Washington: 1 state