Auburn coach Bryan Harsin expects to be out of COVID-19 quarantine by game week but said Wednesday that the Tigers' vaccination rate hasn't reached the 85% threshold.

Harsin, who has declined to say if he's vaccinated, has been in quarantine since he tested positive on Aug. 19. Defensive coordinator Derek Mason has also had a breakthrough case despite being vaccinated.

“Let me be clear: I am not anti-vaccine, and any narrative along those lines is misinformed,” Harsin said on a Zoom session with reporters. "I fully support the choice for anyone to vaccinate. 

“I also support getting reliable data-driven information in the hands of those who still have questions about the vaccine. Anyone who’s been in our facility knows that.”

Harsin said in July that some 60% of the players had been fully vaccinated, adding later that that number had gone up. He declined to give specific rates for the team but said it hasn't reached the Southeastern Conference's recommended 85% threshold.