This season will be a pivotal year for Derek Carr. The Las Vegas Raiders quarterback turned 30 earlier in the year and has yet to play in a playoff game. The team clearly believes in him but a playoff berth would dramatically improve his standing around the NFL.

If Carr balls out and the Raiders make the playoffs, Las Vegas may not need a quarterback for a long time. He’s durable and 30 is young for a quarterback these days. In fact, he believes he can go on for a lot longer.

“I feel like I can play another 15 years, without a doubt,” Carr said Wednesday. “Nothing’s hurting. It’s the middle of camp, and I feel great. I feel strong, I feel fast, I feel explosive. And I think it’s just the way we train now.”

At 44-years-old, Tom Brady is the only modern example of a quarterback playing into their mid-40s as a high-level starter. It sounds like Carr believes he can rival that.