ABC commits hilarious error during Stanley Cup coverage

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A Stanley Cup Final graphic comparing the Edmonton Oilers with the Carolina Panthers

The 2024 Stanley Cup Final is upon us. But someone at ABC might not be aware of who’s playing in the NHL’s final.

On Saturday, ABC previewed Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final between the Edmonton Oilers and Florida Panthers. They showed a standard side-by-side graphic comparing the two teams with one glaring mistake; ABC used the logo of the NFL’s Carolina Panthers instead.

The person in charge of graphics must have just searched “Panthers logo” on Google and called it a day.

The first stat shown in the graphic at least still made sense. The Carolina Panthers have indeed never played in a Stanley Cup Final.

One fan on X suggested replacing Edmonton’s emblem with the old Houston Oilers logo. That would likely be a more balanced series.

A hypothetical Stanley Cup Final between the Oilers and the NFL’s Panthers would be an interesting matchup. Would Connor McDavid be able to dominate against cornerback Jaycee Horn? Would Bryce Young be able to score on Oilers goaltender Stuart Skinner?

Those are questions that will sadly never get answered.

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