Commanders owner addresses whether team will change its name

Larry Brown Sports

Fans may not be happy with the Washington Commanders’ new nickname, but don’t expect a name change any time soon.

The Washington Post on Wednesday published the results of a poll they conducted regarding the Commanders’ name. According to the Post, 54 percent of respondents say they either dislike or hate the Commanders’ nickname.

Despite the findings of the poll — and the apparent widespread dislike of the team’s nickname — Washington’s new owners do not have plans to change the name any time soon.

Marjorie Harris, the wife of majority owner Josh Harris, told the media Wednesday that the nickname isn’t going anywhere for now.

“That name issue is going to be on the side for now until we can get things going,” Harris said. “I had a whole day out in the community and I kept referring to the team as the Commanders. And you know what? It sounds pretty good to me… for now, it’s the Commanders.”

Team president Jason Wright similarly said a name change was something the team isn’t keen on making in the near future.

The Washington football franchise was known as the Redskins going back to 1933 when they began in Boston. They won three Super Bowls with that nickname and were highly successful from the ’70s through the early ’90s. That’s when so many of their fans developed a love for the team.

So many of the team’s fans love the Redskins name so much that any name change would have bothered them, so that’s part of the obstacle the team is fighting. But some fans even just prefer the “Washington Football Team” name the team held from 2020-2021 more than the Commanders nickname they have had since 2022.

Having an ownership switch has opened the door for the team to change nicknames, but that is not the current focus for the team’s new owners.

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