Sean McVay goes viral for ‘depressing’ office setup

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On Wednesday, McVay appeared remotely on ESPN’s NFL schedule release show to discuss the Rams’ notable games this season.

ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky couldn’t help but notice the dreary background behind McVay. The veteran coach admitted that his office is “pretty depressing” and doesn’t have a window.

“I’m in the same temporary office that I’ve been for eight years here,” said McVay when pressed on his office setup.

“When I was hired in ’17, they said this would be a temporary facility. We’re going on Year 9 in this thing. … I’m trapped like a prisoner in this thing, man. I’m just fighting, scratching, and clawing for a window in this thing.”

McVay even jokingly threw Rams president Kevin Demoff under the bus for ignoring the coach’s requests for an upgraded office. Demoff saw the humor in McVay’s call-out.

The Rams gave fans a chance to help McVay out. The team’s official X account offered to get the coach a window if their post got 10 thousand retweets.

McVay has always been ready for some lighthearted riffing. The Rams coach previously made fun of himself for arguably his biggest blunder last season.

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