Jim Harbaugh delivered the most locked-in quote of the NFL offseason

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Rookie minicamps have begun across the NFL this week. Los Angeles Chargers head coach Jim Harbaugh may have been a little too psyched up to start getting to work.

The Chargers’ prized first-round selection from the 2024 NFL Draft was Notre Dame offensive lineman Joe Alt. The hulking tackle got his first chance to flex his muscles during the workouts.

It’s no surprise that the first question during Harbaugh’s press conference Friday was about what the coach had seen from the Chargers’ offensive line so far.

Before Harbaugh said anything about Alt or the team’s O-line, he delivered a quote that felt like the start of Mark Wahlberg’s morning routine.

“3:34 in the morning, woke up,” said Harbaugh. “Stared straight into the ceiling and said to myself, ‘It’s not just another day — it’s today.’

‘Maybe that’s just another way of saying attack this day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind. But yeah, it was a great day.”

Harbaugh borderline sounded like a caricature of a football coach. But his answer, which wasn’t even related to the question at all, falls right in line with Harbaugh’s reputation as an extreme football lifer.

In all fairness to Harbaugh, he had already delivered a great quote about the Chargers drafting Alt last month.

The man simply wanted to share how energized he was to start a day of coaching football.

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