Patriots post meme in response to new logo speculation

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New Patriots logo

Speculation swirled this week regarding the New England Patriots potentially changing their logo. The team’s social media manager decided to have a little fun amid the drama.

A new Patriots logo has been making the rounds on X throughout the week.

On Friday, the team posted a photo of their 2024 rookie class that included two logos: the team’s recognizable red, white, and blue patriot logo, and a different circular logo on the bottom right.

The unfamiliar emblem didn’t go unnoticed. Some fans wondered if the team was in the process of changing their logo design.

Online sleuths also found the new logo on a post made by former Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes last week. The six-year pro had posted snapshots of a recent visit to Gillette Stadium, which included a photo of a wall emblazoned with the new logo design.

But before fans brought out their pitchforks to demand that the Patriots keep the old logo, the team cleared things up on its official X account. The account posted its own version of the “Woman Yelling at a Cat” meme making light of the situation.

“Fans: ‘You’re changing the logo!’”

“Us: ‘No, we aren’t,’” the meme’s captions read.

The new circular design simply appears to be an alternate logo for the team. The current Patriots logo fondly referred to by some fans as the “Flying Elvis” isn’t going anywhere.

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