1 savage diss from Julian Edelman had Bill Belichick in stitches

Larry Brown Sports

Former Patriots coach Bill Belichick laughing during Tom Brady's roast

There were several hilarious moments during “The Roast Of Tom Brady,” which aired Sunday on Netflix. One joke, in particular, drew a hearty laugh out of Bill Belichick.

New England Patriots icons were trading barbs all night. Ex-Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman seized his opportunity at the podium to take aim at Belichick.

“You remember when you used to yell at us? ‘Look, a–holes. The f—ing kids down at f—ing Foxborough High could make that f—ing play,’” said Edelman mimicking Belichick.

“I’ve been waiting for this for so long. Look, a–hole. Foxborough High is the only job offer you f—ing had. Do your job? More like need a job, coach.”

The joke drew a lot of laughs from the crowd and even had Belichick himself chuckling.

Belichick got some barbs in during the night as well.

Despite being the most high-profile coach in the market, Belichick was unable to land an NFL head coaching job this offseason.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft, who was also present at the roast, had reportedly played a part in costing Belichick at least one coaching opportunity. But the two were able to put their differences aside to share a surprising moment during Brady’s roast (video here)

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