Aaron Donald reveals 1 player he hated playing against

Larry Brown Sports

Retired Los Angeles Rams star Aaron Donald was able to bust up just about any offensive line. But that doesn’t mean nobody ever gave him trouble.

Donald recently made an appearance on the “Green Light” podcast hosted by Chris Long. The 3-time Defensive Player of the Year was asked which team always had a sound game plan against him.

Donald knew his answer right away: the Philadelphia Eagles. He also singled out fellow retiree and future Hall-of-Famer Jason Kelce as a big reason why.

“Philly. I hated playing against Philly,” said Donald with a look of frustration. “[Jason] Kelce, his little fast a– always ran full. He would snap the ball and run over right now. … Every time I play the Eagles, bro. I never really got one-on-ones. I probably had like one or two and that would be it.”

The Rams legend said that he used to implore Kelce to let the Eagles’ guards do their work alone. Kelce would respond defiantly by saying that he had no plans of letting Donald “ruin the game” for Philly.

The stats definitely back up Donald’s claim that Kelce and the Eagles gave him the most trouble. In five career games played against the Eagles, Donald was 1-4 against them and never recorded a single sack.

Since they retired in the same year, Donald never got the chance to play the Eagles without Kelce on the other side.

Perhaps the two can face off again at Kelce’s new gig if Donald considers putting on wrestling gear.

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