Vernon Davis has theory on brother Vontae’s death

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Vernon Davis has a theory regarding the death of his younger brother, Vontae.

Vontae Davis was found dead at his home in Southwest Ranches, Fla. on Monday. The 35-year-old former NFL cornerback was found by a housekeeper unresponsive in the home gym section of the house.

Vernon, who was also a successful NFL player, spoke with the Daily Mail for an interview that was published on Wednesday. In the interview, Vernon said that it appeared as if Vontae had slipped or collapsed moments after stepping out of a sauna.

Though Vernon has his theory on the situation, he added that “right now we have no answers. They are going to run tests and they said they’ll get back to us. It could be as long as a month, a month and a half, until we know anything.”

Vernon, 40, played tight end in the NFL from 2006-2019 and made the Pro Bowl twice while with the 49ers. Vontae played in the NFL from 2009-2018 and also made two Pro Bowls. The two have four siblings and were raised by their grandmother in a tough Washington, D.C. neighborhood.

In further comments, Vernon praised Vontae for his great work ethic, ability and discipline that led to his younger brother’s success.

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