Chiefs owner addresses the false promise he allegedly made in 2023

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Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt recently addressed a controversy regarding an alleged promise he made to his players.

The NFLPA last month released the 2024 edition of its annual team report cards, where NFL players get to grade their team based on different aspects of their overall working conditions. The NFL received scores from 1,706 different players, including 47 who played on the 2023 Chiefs.

A handful of Chiefs players who answered the survey were said to have felt duped by Hunt. Some reportedly claimed that Hunt had promised to renovate the Chiefs’ practice facility after the 2022 season. No such renovation has occurred since.

The Chiefs ranked 31st in grades for their locker room (F), training room (D) and training staff (F), ahead of only the Washington Commanders in each category.

Hunt recently addressed the alleged false promise on renovating the training facility. The 59-year-old owner spoke to The Athletic’s Nate Taylor and Kalyn Kahler about the issue, calling it a simple “miscommunication” and asserting that he had never mentioned such a renovation.

“I have spoken to some of our veteran players about that, and they’ve confirmed to me that it was miscommunication,” Hunt said. “Certainly, I personally never said anything to them about a renovation of the locker room. It was a misunderstanding.”

Hunt added that the Chiefs are expanding the team cafeteria, which ranked 26th in the survey after Chiefs players had given it a C- grade. Clark reportedly mentioned other improvements in the works, but did not disclose any details.

Hunt himself got the worst grade among owners in the entire NFL. Chiefs players gave him an F-.

Kansas City ranked dead last in overall team score across all 11 categories. That’s despite the fact Andy Reid got an A+ as the team’s head coach — the highest mark in the NFL. It’s easy to understand why players love Reid so much when he’s constantly giving them riveting pep talks.

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