2024 NBA Draft: Top prospects, date, time, latest NBA Draft order and 2024 NBA Draft lottery


The 2023 NBA season is underway with many teams competing for a playoff spot and a shot in the NBA Finals. However, some teams playing in NBA games today are focused on the future and improving their positioning in the 2024 NBA Draft.

While the 2024 NBA Draft lottery is months out, meaning we won’t know who has the No. 1 pick until the spring, there’s still plenty to monitor in the months to come. From the latest NBA Draft lottery odds carrying us through the regular season to the 2024 NBA Draft order right now, all of it bears monitoring.

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While everyone’s focus is on the NBA playoffs, it’s never too early to look ahead even further. Bookmark this page for daily updates on the latest 2024 NBA Draft lottery odds and the full draft order for Round 1. We’ll update Round 2 each month.

2024 NBA Draft lottery odds: Race for the No. 1 pick

Here are the latest NBA Draft lottery odds for 2024 as of Friday, February 16. We’ll provide a weekly update on the draft lottery odds.

Pick Team Record No. 1 pick Top 4 pick
1 Detroit Pistons* 8-46 14% 52.1%
2 Washington Wizards* 9-45 14% 52.1%
3 San Antonio Spurs 11-44 14% 52.1%
4 Charlotte Hornets* 13-41 12.5% 48.1%
5 Portland Trail Blazers 15-39 10.5% 42.1%
6 Toronto Raptors* 19-36 9.5% 37.2%
7 Memphis Grizzlies 20-36 7.5% 32%
8 Houston Rockets (via BKN) 21-33 6.0% 26.3%
9 Atlanta Hawks^ 24-31 4.5% 20.3%
10 Oklahoma City Thunder (via HOU) 24-30 3.0% 13.9%
11 Oklahoma City Thunder (via UTA) 26-30 1.5% 9.4%
12 Chicago Bulls^ 26-29 1.5% 7.1%
13 Portland Trail Blazers (via GSW)^ 27-26 1.0% 4.8%
14 New Orleans Pelicans (via LAL)^ 30-26 0.5% 2.4%
* = Pick is protected from trade rights. ^ = Team qualifies for Play-In Tournament

2024 NBA Draft order right now

NBA: NBA Draft
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Here’s the 2024 NBA Draft order today. We’ll update this once per week, including the lottery odds. Any trades involving 2024 first-round picks will be immediately reflected in our NBA Draft tracker. The order for Round 1 and Round 2 was updated on Friday, February 16.

Round 1

  1. Detroit Pistons
  2. Washington Wizards
  3. San Antonio Spurs
  4. Charlotte Hornets
  5. Portland Trail Blazers
  6. Toronto Raptors
  7. Memphis Grizzlies
  8. Houston Rockets (via BKN)
  9. Atlanta Hawks
  10. Oklahoma City Thunder (via HOU)
  11. Oklahoma City Thunder (via UTA)
  12. Chicago Bulls
  13. Portland Trail Blazers (via GSW)
  14. New Orleans Pelicans (via LAL)
  15. Orlando Magic
  16. Miami Heat
  17. Indiana Pacers (via TOR)
  18. Atlanta Hawks (via SAC)
  19. New York Knicks (via DAL)
  20. Philadelphia 76ers
  21. New York Knicks
  22. Phoenix Suns
  23. New Orleans Pelicans
  24. Milwaukee Bucks
  25. Denver Nuggets
  26. Washington Wizards (via LAC)
  27. Cleveland Cavaliers
  28. Oklahoma City Thunder (via UTA)
  29. Minnesota Timberwolves
  30. Boston Celtics

Round 2

  1. Toronto Raptors (via DET)
  2. Utah Jazz (via WAS)
  3. San Antonio Spurs*
  4. Portland Trail Blazers (via CHA)
  5. Milwaukee Bucks (via POR)
  6. Philadelphia 76ers (via TOR)
  7. Minnesota Timberwolves (via MEM)
  8. Memphis Grizzlies (via BKN)
  9. Portland Trail Blazers (via ATL)
  10. Charlotte Hornets (via HOU)
  11. New York Knicks (via UTA)
  12. Boston Celtics (via CHI)
  13. Houston Rockets (via GSW)
  14. San Antonio Spurs (via LAL)
  15. Miami Heat*
  16. Orlando Magic
  17. Los Angeles Clippers (via IND)
  18. Sacramento Kings
  19. Boston Celtics (via DAL)
  21. Indiana Pacers (via NO)
  22. Washington Wizards (via PHX)
  23. Detroit Pistons (via NYK)
  24. Indiana Pacers (via MIL)
  26. Indiana Pacers (via CLE)
  27. Los Angeles Lakers (via LAC)
  28. Memphis Grizzlies (via OKC)
  29. Denver Nuggets (via MIN)
  30. Dallas Mavericks (via BOS)

2024 NBA Draft FAQ

When is the NBA Draft Lottery?

The 2024 NBA Draft Lottery will be held in mid-May, but a specific date hasn’t been determined yet.

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Who has the first pick in the 2024 NBA Draft?

If the NBA Draft were held today, the Detroit Pistons would hold the first pick in 2024. However, the 2024 NBA Draft order won’t be determined until the draft lottery in mid-May, per NBA.com.

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When is the 2024 NBA Draft?

The NBA Draft in 2024 will be held on Thursday, June 27 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

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Who are the best players in the 2024 NBA Draft?

G-League Ignite forward Ron Holland, Perth Wildcats center Alex Sarr, G-League Ignite wing Matas Buzelis, UConn guard Stephon Castle and USC Trojans guard Isaiah Collier are the best players in the 2024 NBA Draft class.

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Who has the most first round picks in the 2024 NBA Draft?

The Portland Trail Blazers (POR, GSW), Oklahoma City Thunder (HOU, UTAH), Atlanta Hawks (ATL, SAC) and Washington Wiards (WAS, LAC) have two first round picks in the 2024 NBA Draft.

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