Patrick Mahomes Tells Travis Kelce’s Haters To Cool Down: ‘He Never Changed’


Patrick Mahomes wants NFL fans to know that Travis Kelce hasn’t changed amid his newfound celebrity status. Kelce’s priorities have been under a microscope all season based on the countless commercial spots, a popular podcast with his brother and of course, Taylor Swift.

Patrick Mahomes Defends Travis Kelce After Reaching Celeb Status

Taking a slight step back in production this season also didn’t help Trav’s case that he’s focused solely on football.

FRANKFURT AM MAIN, GERMANY – NOVEMBER 5: Travis Kelce of Kansas City Chiefs (R) and teammate Patrick Mahomes look on during the NFL match between Miami Dolphins and Kansas City Chiefs at Deutsche Bank Park on November 5, 2023 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. (Photo by Ralf Ibing /Getty Images)
FRANKFURT AM MAIN, GERMANY – NOVEMBER 05: Travis Kelce #87 of the Kansas City Chiefs reacts prior to the NFL match between Miami Dolphins and Kansas City Chiefs at Deutsche Bank Park on November 05, 2023 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. (Photo by Alex Grimm/Getty Images)

Stepping out to support his teammate and double-date partner, Mahomes stated that the 34-year-old TE is the same guy who elevated the Chiefs to their two recent championships.

“He’s still Travis Kelce,” Mahomes said on Wednesday, relayed by TMZ.

Mahomes, Kelce and the Chiefs prepare for Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens this weekend. Kelce will need a repeat performance of the Chiefs’ AFC Divisional matchup against the Buffalo Bills.

‘Killa Trav’ logged five catches for 75 yards and two touchdowns — one of his better performances of the entire year. Kelce’s connection with Mahomes still runs strong. Against Buffalo, Mahomes and Kelce reached the NFL record for most touchdown receptions between a duo in the postseason (16).

Mahomes added, “He still will walk through the stadium and treat every single person like they’re his best friend. And he’s going to be like that in the locker room every single day. … Travis has always been Travis.

Mr. Pfizer can certainly silence plenty of critics with another Super Bowl win.

How many seasons does Travis Kelce have left in him? Sound off:

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